• Webvideo

    Heather Dickinson . illustrator

    Web video is an ideal way to capture the attention of potential clients on a website almost instantly. With viewers making their minds up about a website in around 5-7 seconds, so its important to keep them interested.


    The Cat that swallowed the Moon

    Zoe and the Big Orange Kitten

    Little Red Riding Hood

    Rafi Brown and the Candy Floss Kid

    How I work

    Developing a Character

    Planning Colours

    Quotes on my Board

  • Our Clients

    • Access Builders Ltd
    • Cheshire Health Club & Spa
    • Chris Heywood Ltd
    • Creation Theatre Company
    • D.J. Windle
    • Didsbury Garden Services
    • Eclectic Hotel Collection - Great John Street
    • Emma Hatton Estate Agency
    • f8 Design
    • Graphters
    • Happy Homes UK Ltd
    • Hine Chartered Insurance Brokers -
    • Inc Design Ltd
    • Kinpars Industrial Plastics Limited

    • Lewis Phipps Property Management
    • Matthews Financial Ltd
    • Oxford Role Play
    • Heather Dickinson
    • GrabbaCab
    • Hayfield Show

  • Websites

    There are still people wondering whether their business really needs a website. A website allows you to showcase your products for everyone to see. You can explain the benefits, compare it with other products, or show testimonials of happy customers that already bought the product.

    Lewis Phipps

    Letting Agent

    Hayfield Show

    Hayfield Country Show & Sheep Dog Trials

    Heather Dickinson


    Grabba Cab

    Taxis & Minibus Service

    Writing a book, giving workshops or taking parts in events are the way of earning money.

    However, the money does not come in until its invoiced. And tracking the invoices are as important as writing the book or giving the workshop.


    List of Invoices
    Macmillan Education Book proposal £1500
    Derbyshire Eco Center Reading & Writing Event £300
    Mr Peterson Creative Writing £100
    Jane Gardener Creative Writing £100
    Sarah Parker Creative Writing (reduced fee) £80



    How much money do my customers still owe me?


    Video under construction

  • Software

    Small businesses may not find the solution for their software problem in a computer shop. However, employing a programming team may be too costly a route. In this case we help our clients to find the right software for their problems and help to tailor it to the needs of the individual company.

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Maintenance Management

    Outlook Tasks

    Simple Management System


    Property Booking System
  • About us

    We started Inspired IT in 1998 and have been supporting small businesses with our knowledge of computers, software and management ever since.

    Here is a link to a list of other tool we found helpful over the years: Inspired IT Toolbox

    Hazelhurst Farm
    Valley Road
    SK22 2JP

    Phone: 01663 740 963
    Email: info@inspired-it.com
    Website: www.inspired-it.com

    Andy Jones

    Jutta Reimann

  • The Pub

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    Receive payments
    12 June Delicious Breads Cheque -£150.00
    13 June Deposits Cheque £65.20
    13 June Deposits Cash £356.70
    14 June Continental Meats Direct Debit -£250.00
    14 June Freshly Dairy Direct Debit -£67.50


    SimpleStart: Keeping track of payments?


    Video under construction

    SEASONAL FOOD Our Specials Board changes every second Friday of each month. Please contact us today for find out the special on offer.

    SPECIAL OCCASIONS We are taking bookings at Twelve O'clock, Three O'clock and Six O'clock.

    EVENTS Ipsum dolor sit ametconse peri Ir adipisicing elise doi usmode tempor incididunt ut labore eteri dolo

  • Book-keeping

    Quickbooks Simple Start - Simple accounting software that's easy to learn and use. It will help you to track your income and expenses and you don´t need any special accounting knowledge. For more info QuickBooks SimpleStart or give us call.

    How it works

    Customers Customer lists are a useful means of finding out who owes you what.

    Suppliers Paying your bills and making sure there is sufficient money in the account.

    Tracking your money

    Sales Receipt Find out how much you are earning on a daily basis

    Invoices & Estimates Keeping chaos at pay, invoices and estimates make it easy to track where you up to.

    Receive Payments Payments, part-payments and payments long overdue are now easy to find and enter.

  • Our Toolkit

    Over the years we have tried different computers and software. This is the list of tools we recommend because they suited our needs best.


    DELL or HP Computers and Servers

    In our experience buying a reliable computer saves money in the long term. If it breaks it interrupts your work, you may loose data and it causes you unnecessary hassle. Nobody needs that. Whilst these big names don’t always offer the best value for money or performance, you are more likely to get a reliable machine that will last.

    HP scanners & printers

    hp printer

    HP have traditionally produced reliable business machines. Paper doesn’t tend to jam, you push the button and it works. Other brands have great products with a lot more features but when it comes to consistency HP wins in this area.

    ZEN internet

    ZEN internet

    We use Zen because they are the fastest and most reliable business provider of broadband. They have great local support (Rochdale based) to assist should things go wrong. They also offer ‘static IP’s’ which is like having a telephone number on the internet where you can securely access your office equipment when your off-site.

    Netgear network equipment

    Netgear network equipment

    Netgear offer easy to setup basic and affordable equipment to connect pc’s and printers. You can connect computers wired, wireless or using the existing power cables around your house or office. They also have a great range of routers to connect to the internet.

    Watchguard Firewalls

    Watchguard Firewall

    Having a good firewall helps to ensure noone breaks into your network. When connected to the internet there are many benefits but also risks. Without a good firewall it is like having a house with poor locks and as a result you are more vulnerable.

    Trend Micro Internet Security

    Trend Micro



    Microsoft Office Suite

    Whilst not the cheapest way to write a letter, send an email or add some numbers, it is the standard office tool that any new member of staff will be familiar with. Training is easily available and when you send a document created by this suite your customer or supplier will be able to read it. Minimal hassle means total cost of ownership is lower than any other suite.

    Microsoft Small Business Server

    Microsoft Office Suite



    Expert Exchange

    Snagit screen capture allows you to grab an image or video of what you see on your computer screen, add effects, and share with anyone.

    Video Training

    Software changes so frequently and its difficult to keep up. Lynda.com offers an excellent video training service which can be purchased on a subscription basis.

    Expert Exchange

    Expert Exchange

    If you are stuck with a computer problem, Expert Exchange can help you find the answer. You can either search their database or post your problem to be answered by their expert volunteers.

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